Sparkle Colour Guide

Avko Introducing our sparkle Range, for use on glass surfaces. This specially selected range includes an array of different coloured sparkles which can be applied as either a solid sparkle or scattered sparkle effect. The sparkle clearcoat is really quick and easy to apply onto glass using a spray gun. A backing colour can then be applied over the sparkle afterwards. Sparkles are perfect for creating a modern feature in an interior setting by applying to a glass surface in a kitchen or bathroom. This product is also ideal for office, commercial, retail and hotel spaces.

We have a range of feature “Sparkles” finishes as options, these include

Rainbow Sparkle

This range gives you a multi colour rainbow sparkle in a clear coat with a backing colour of your choice

Solid Sparkle

This range gives you a solid coloured sparkle that is complimented with a backing colour to suit the base sparkle – see the colour chart for the options available. This is a much denser sparkle finish.

Silver Sparkle

If you are looking for a “shimmer” effect to your paint colour then this is the choice, available with any backing colour

Scattered Sparkle

This offers a more subtle effect with a light scattering of silver sparkle. Available with a backing colour of your choice.